Prophecies & Revelations


God REVEALED this in a Vision; seem as if it was a Drill Sergeant or someone up the chain in the Armed Forces Basic Training. He came in and spoke deragatory words to the one in Basic Training; called the young lad (young adult) a B-----D. his words were; "You B-----D, you told!" then he came over and attempted to fight the young Lad, but he was too big and over-powered the him and put him in the head-lock. They had the young guys in Basic Training giving them Oral Sex and doing things unethical. First, thats against Gods Words; he say other wise according to husband and wife. The Word of God states this in Proverbs 18:22, he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favor of the Lord. God is going to give you everything that you need to support that lovely wife you find. Remember that God destroyed the city Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis 19, because the city was corrupt with sin and unethical things such as the information A-formentioned above (Homosexuality). In the bible Lot offered his 2 Virgin Daughters to two men; however, they didn't want his daughters, they wanted to have intercourse with men. God destroyed this city, this is NOT, GOD'S way not matter what society has claimed to be accepting too. Thats why it is very important that when the young adults have completed high-school and go to basic training, they are watched and ensure they are NOT taken advantaged of and NOT harmed in anyway or Forced to do unethical and immoral things. When the ones that are in AUTHORITY realize that there is nothing that is covered that shall not be revealed, they'll have a better understanding and concept of their role for the young adults in these places such as Basic Training AND their Military School. The Authority Figure role there in these two places, consist of teaching and training NOT to make them feel intimidated, threated, used or abused.


Your Prophesy! God showed Carolyn Jones (her Spirit; she's deceased) visiting your house giving you a WARNING (to change your ways). She was in the Hall at your house near the breaker-box; am I correct? Thats Right, God is real! he means what he say, Romans 12:18 If it is possible as much as lieth in you; be at peace with all men if possible. IT IS possible, you just have to make it possible and change your mindset. KNOW THIS: you will have to get it right before you leave this earth in order to make it into the kingdom of God. God wants everyone to make it into heaven but you have to want to make it too, but their our requirements, which is to Repent and obtain the 9 fruit of the spirits toward the people. Find the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. The Word of God does tell us THIS: Psalms 105:15 Touch Not my anoited one do my prophets no harm (not to hurt the Prophetess and anoited mentally or verbally). He who does not like the Word spoken or preached from the Holy Doctrine that God's people supposed to live by; take it up with God, I'm the messenger that gives warning and the messenger say THIS, Change your ways. God gives warning before destruction; he give us a chance to get it right. Just as God allowed Pharaoh in the Bible to Harden his Heart agianst the man of God, Moses, only to destroy his own self. That was because he did not take HEED to the warning that Moses gave him from God, it was him (Pharaoh)that wanted to keep hatred towards Moses and the Children of Isreal. I don't need to say your name, you know who you are in JACKSONVILLE.


Your Prophesy! God revealed this, saw it in a Vision, you pushed your wife down out of ugly; thats you don't want her to tell you the TRUTH. We can't be deceptive and then when are SIN is uncovered and catches up with us get angry. Did not God say in Lukw 12:2 that there is nothing that shall be covered that shall not be revealed nor hid that shall be known? Then you allowd the DEVIL to make you SHAME, by your own spouse want to file for a divorce, then you were sorry for your actions. Keep your hands to yourself and stop being a hypocrite. Look at the latest daily scripture I spoke on facebook, me wrappred in my pink shaw and stripey dress,that daily scripture was POSTED on November 14, 2021. God wants his people to get along; most importantly, Be careful who you keep company with and pay attention who is causeing you to act out in a hateful way to your spouse, (you are too big to be pushing her down) because that the DEVIL. Change! and Just do Right! before it's too late for you. My mom stated this to me; God don't like ugly and he aint to fond of pretty either. You don't need me to say your name, but if you would like me to tell speak it; I definitely can.


Your Prophesy! Saw this in the eyes of one person, "Your brother saved your Career." If he saved the career; will someone say when and whats going on? Praised be to Jesus for God's mercy and grace. That should have been easy being that she didn't do anything. If anything, he probably conveyed how she grew up with moral and respect and did nothing wrong. Thats because he loves his sister; even if he was only raised up with her during the summer, camp-meetings, easter and special holidays.God's eyes are real, he can see everything and he make his prophets see when they are obedient.The word of God Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing; he reveals his secrets to his servants his prophets. Psalms 37:25 I've been young, and now I'm old, Yet NOT have I seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beggin bread. Thats you down south, you need to call your sister and check on her because the last time she called, she called your daugher and you were not in the vicinity or her presence.


Your Prophesy! Saw this in your eyesight, that "United State Army Corps Engineers'(USACE) is considering the offer, No trouble there". Everyone want to be in a place where there is peace and not trouble; Project Manager is the desires of one's heart (Master Planning). Wheresoever God see fit to have me and use me for HIS glory, thats where I shall be and happy, in the Federal Government until I retire in another 10-15 YEARS. My second choice is contracting; to telework fulltime from home. Romans 8:28, And we know that all things work together for the good of them that love God to them that are THE CALLED according to his purpose.


Your Prophesy! God showed me THIS when I was purchsing some Hair Products for my hair,this week. In the store, God showed me that you were worried; about HIV, about your spouse TEST and your self and you also have two other medical conditions (HPV and Herpes), I can tell you about. I saw that you were worried, I was standing behind you as your items were being purchased. I only saw you from the side view and from behind. I'm here to tell you THIS, God is a Healer and he can bring Peace and Deliverance (set free). In the book of Matthew 6:34 it states THIS; "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's on." God is going to work out your situation. Come to Shiloh: A New Beginning Apostolic Ministry, 3395 Cypress Mills Road, Brunswick, Ga. 31520. The church is now being repaired and changes being made on the inside; therefore, no service is being conducted at this time. The first service should be taken place about one and a half months from now; No Later Than two (2) months. God is going to turn your situation around. At this time, think on the good things that give you encouragement such as; life and you are not alone, have someone to interact with (your spouse). Phillipians 4:8 talks about thinking on the good things. When you come, I won't recognize you because I did not see you face to face. When you come to shiloh, ensure you inform me that I saw you from behind when you were purchsing your items.


Your Prophesy! God Revealed this; Depressions upon thee, also revealed that you have a humble heart; that's right! no Crazy Women, ME! Sometimes we let things get us down especially by the choice of words that other people use towards us. Thats why you have to know what to digest when words are spoken to us. Eat and Swallow on Positivity, negative comments and hurtful things, we spit out. In the book of Epehsians 4:29 "let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but GOOD, used for edifying that it may minister grace to the hearers." thats why when someone have negative words, don't entertain those comments even if it is directed toward someone else. What do you have to be happy about? plenty things! you are young, alive and breathing on your own, and have a good job and very knowledgable in your job. Depression is of Satan; I know because, he ATTEMPTED to cause it upon me for an entire year. But GOD, always give me JOY! in the midst of the storm no matter what I'm going through. Count it all JOY. The word tells us this in the book of James 1:2; My Brethren count it all joy when you fall in Divers Temptation, Knowing This, that the trying of your faith is working patience. GOD GOT IT; no matter what the devil does, he can't win from losing. TODAY, God showed me YOU in a Vision where you had lost a lot of weight (IT SHALL COME TO PASS) God showed you slim. between now and two years. God always give me JOY, when things are not going to good for me and I listen to this song in my car "Count it all Joy by BB and CC Winan" copy this in your browser


Your Prophesy!God Revealed This; your words "The Apostle Prophetess put you shame." by prophesying that you were a gambler, when I saw you on yesteday; and conveyed that God don't want us doing those things, only to have you deny it and say, "I just play the lottery." Then I stated, thats gambling, and you smiled and did agree it's gambling too. I'm not judging, just simply stating the facts that I heard God speak. In the book of Mattherw 7:1 paraphrasing it "To judge NOT or be judge......." God showed me YOU in a Vision, scratching off a scratch-off ticket; if you haven't scratched off a scratch-off ticket, you will. I also conveyed to you within two months you will be a winner.


Your Prophesy! KNOW THIS: I'm definitely NOT "a walking Demon"; however, I am a WALKING PROPHET! thats FYI. When we are exposed for our wrong doing in hurting other people, we can't take it. SHOW RESPECT! It's not funny to belittle someone in the presence or out of calling them something derogatory out of their presence, having others believe they are something that they are not. Call Me Nothing But a Child of God out of my presence. KNOW THIS: It's important to NOT hide things especaially when it concerns someone else child. To many times we have people that want to receive accalades behind deception and any type of financial monies they can receive behind someone elses hurt. When you are sincere or mean well, you will inform the right required people of any events and things that has taken place especially if it cause hurt or harm PHYSICALLY to the elderly and young adults. Even if it is mental and Verbal abuse; abuse that cause one to be afraid. The word of God tells us to be carful what proceeds out of our mouth and whatever comes out it should be edifying. The Word of God tells us this,in Proverb 6:16-19: He hate a lying tonuge; speak truth and don't let you JEALOUS HEART cause someone else to be hurt or maybe killed by your wrong doing and hate. God revealed this to me, people will sometimes TEST you and see what you know, and remain quiet, even if you ask them about the situation they won't speak truth but will LIE and act as if they have nothing to do with nothing; Speak truth, especially concerning hurting the elderly and young adults. God is pushing forward the ones that are deceptive and dishonest so that everyone can see who they are. The Word of God tells us this in 1 John 4:4 "Ye are of God little children and have overcome them; because GREATER is he that is in you than he thats in the world"


Your Prophesy!you have my permission to come in a see all you want but remove nothing from the Prophesy and Revelation page; especially to give to someone else. I'd hate to see you incarcerated for something such as this; stealing from my Prophesy and Revelation page. Did not the Word of God tell us this, Ask and it shall be given to thee? When it is concerning anything on this page, the person to ask is ME! and if you ask not you receive not, because they are my Prophesy and Revelation, and even if you asked, what would be the reason for you to have something that I post to claim as your own? The answer is NO. No-one will use anything I post and LIE and claim what I post is their Prohpesy and Revelation to Sue and organization especially if it is concerning me, WITHOUT MY CONSENT. If you are honest and mean well, why won't you come to the APOSTLE, PROPHETESS Stacey Rogers and speak to her DIRECT? Again, my number is posted at the top of the WEBPAGE and for those who can't see it 912-980-4377. The home address is 237 Thorp Circle Hinesville, Ga 31313. The Church address is 3395 Cypress Mill Road, Brunswick, GA 31520 (The church will not be up and running for another month and a half or two months) we doing work inside of the building. Just FYI. as I was typing the prophesy before this one, God showed me the Vision of a Pastor here in Hinesville. Look all you want, but don't touch or remove anything from this page. Do I need to say your name (male)?


Last thing; don't attempt to alter anything so that the entire verbaige can't be seen. The information was veered off to the left and cut off. I've corrected it. God's eyes are watching everywhere!I've noticed that error is made to certain words; IF we find out that a hypocrite is still coming in here as on FACEBOOK making error, as I've reported on my FACEBOOK, you will be Sue and you will be put in prison. Take it for what you want; we are not playing these games by your mental issues. You will be caught, and the ones that know what and who and remain quiet, you will be accessary to a crime. Polygraph you to ensure you don't know anything. Be careful! watching carefully now!