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What Are binary Options; How Do They Work: Complete Guide
What Are binary Options; How Do They Work: Complete Guide
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In my recent blog posts I’ve been doing a lot of trade analysis, going over my daily trades and explaining the thought process that went into each one. But quite honestly, the reason why many traders have issues becoming consistently profitable is not so much about finding an effective strategy (although it’s immensely important) as it is battling the mental obstacles that can derail your trading.





For example, you can easily guess that conversion value of USD and other currencies and place trades accordingly. The most important thing is to only trade with a legitimate broker that is confirmed to be trustworthy through the positive reviews of other traders. Binary options is not like stock trading and you don’t have to be an expert to win and make a profit. This is because binary option strategies options is more predictable as the prediction is almost always correct when you rely on a major news event or your own common sense.





If the figures are truly outstanding and look achievable, binary option strategies why are many traders not there yet? Many traders do not mitigate their risk. This is a plan which demands patience and lots of discipline. They aim for home runs in their trade, looking for that one huge payday. Slow and steady will always win the race when it comes to trading. They look at the glamorous cars they can buy with the huge payout, or the things that money can buy and cannot deny themselves the lure of instant gratification.





Financial options are derivatives contracts that offer an investor the right to buy or sell an option representing an underlying asset at a strike price at a specific date. Investors are not obliged to buy or sell the option; they only receive the right to do so at an agreed upon price. Investors can profit or sustain losses on the difference in the price of the asset compared to the strike price.





The hidden principle to achieving what you see on the spreadsheet is compound interest. Compounding means that a little can be turned into a lot, and the higher the amount you have to compound, the greater the corresponding percentage of increase that amount will bring. Albert Einstein called it the 8 th wonder of the world, and he was right.





All you need to do is follow this link, open an account and you can start trading right away. Opening an account is very quick and can be done either using your Facebook account, or simply by entering your email. Broker IQ Option offers a demo account without the need to deposit any money .





When become more experienced, you can start trading short term options with expiry time that last for only a few seconds or minutes. For short term trades, you must study the charts to analyze the trends. The candlestick chart as well as the Bollinger band are great ways for you to perform analysis for short term options. Trend can let you predict the direction of the movement for the particular asset because it is likely that the pattern will continue moving in the same direction for some time.





IQ Option’s demo account is totally free of charge and very easy to open. However, we have something different. You can start to trade on our platform immediately after a one-click registration right below this article. Some brokers offer their own demo practice modes (such as IQOption ) , so you can try their platform.





Risk tolerance refers to how much you are willing to risk your money in order to make the money. Educating yourself more and more on binary options trading can help to ease your anxiousness and fear but you will still have the same level of risk tolerance. Everyone has different degree of risk tolerance and it depends on how the person’s perceive about the risk. Every trader who wants to succeed must first get familiar with their risk tolerances. Understanding your level of risk tolerance is important to help you avoid risky investment. For example, are you willing to risk $250 to earn $2,500.





Or even the week, month, or year. Also, never ever set a certain profit target for the day. But as a binary trader, you should be focused on your winning percentage (60% in-the-money is a realistic goal). As you become more advanced and can sufficiently assess the general probability of a trade working out, you can be afforded some leeway and mix up the amounts from time to time. If you are achieving your desired winning percentage (which, of course, binary option strategies should be above break-even) and keeping a fixed-amount money management strategy in place, you can consistently make money doing this. This never turns out well, as inevitably failing to meet that monetary target routinely causes individuals to trade emotionally because money – instead of trading the market – becomes the primary mental focus. Trying to recoup previous losses by doubling up, tripling up, quadrupling up, and so forth in Martingale-style fashion will result in disaster at some point sooner or later. I believe the best strategy for traders is to invest a relatively small, binary option fixed amount of money on each trade.



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